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Rally Towels Texas

Where Friday Night Lights Become Lasting Memories

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Amazing Customer Service

Competitive Prices

Full Color Print Towels

See full color print towels below.  Opportunities are endless.  Promote your team, your school, your stadium, your player, or your business.  Any photo on a towel.

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Bring The Excitement

Rally Towels can bring excitement to any event, whether it be a sports event or a company gathering. Promote your event with custom rally towels which your participants can take home to remember you and your company!

Rally Towels Texas offers a custom 11x18 100% cotton Rally Towel with a print area of 9x14.  All towels are produced in the United States and we offer over 1,000 colors you can print with. 


Rally Towels Texas offer the following Rally Towel Color's

  • White

  • Purple

  • Blue

  • Sky Blue

  • Navy Blue

  • Lime Green 

  • Kelly Green

  • Hunter Green

  • Yellow/Gold

  • Orange

  • Maroon

  • Red

  • Black

Rally Towels are a great way to show your support for Texas High School Football.  Sponsor Rally Towels at one of your local high school football game and promote your business.  Get multiple small business involved to reduce the cost, but still reach the same amount of people.  

Rally Towels are great for all sporting events big or small.  Rally Towels are even great for Weddings.  A Rally Towel is an inexpensive way to show your support or give a cool wedding gift.  Rally Towels are something people take home and have around for a life time.  

Booster Clubs - Rally Towels for senior night is a great way to show the seniors how much we all care.  List all the names of the seniors on the Rally Towels and provide them at the game.  We offer very competitive prices so that you can make it work.

Sporting events, weddings, Texas High School Football, birthday parties - you name it and a Rally Towel can bring support, business, fun and love.

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